I Want My Son Back, Angelina Jolie-Birth Mother Of Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt
" some nurses at the hospital have said that doctors would invent medical problems to coerce young mothers into handing over their babies to the Tam Binh orphanage. these children would then miraculously recover – as Pax did- and be sold on to rich
Angelina adopted Pax as a single woman while blatantly living with Brad, side-stepping Vietnam’s policy on making adoptions for unmarried couples difficult. It is against Vietnamese law to choose your own child, even though Jolie had visited the boy on two separate occasions. On the first, to the Tam Binh orphanage outside Ho Chi Minh City, Angelina was with Brad who didn’t think Pax would be a good fit for the existing family which comprised of Shiloh, Maddox and Zahara. Pax hadn’t rushed into Brad and Angelina’s arms crying “mommy! daddy!” as they’d probably imagined he would. Instead, he huddled into a corner shaking and sobbing so Brad wasn’t keen on taking him home- deciding he would be too much like hard work.
But Angelina wanted an “Asian brother” for Maddox and following a second Pitt-free visit to Vietnam with Maddox, where Pax, who was named Pham Quang Sang before Jolie renamed him was smuggled into her suite at the Park Hyatt hotel. After that visit, Angelina decided that his odd, skittish behaviour was down to him being scared and she pushed ahead with the adoption, despite Brad’s reservations.

Pham’s mother ‘Dung’ was a heroin addict and the pregnancy was the result of an affair with a married man. In the hospital, doctors told her that her new-born son had a liver problem and she was presented with a £15 medical bill. Unable to pay it, she fled when he was just two days old and Pax was taken to the Tam Binh orphanage outside Ho Chi Minh City. During an investigation into this some nurses at the hospital have said that doctors would invent medical problems to coerce young mothers into handing over their babies to the Tam Binh orphanage. these children would then miraculously recover – as Pax did- and be sold on to rich Western women desperate to adopt. Angelina broke Vietnam’s adoption rules whilst adopting Pax. She met him before he was adopted, twice, and self-chose her own child and his adoption was expedited (for an orphanage donation?) and after changing his birth name she sold pictures of her latest addition to her child collection to the highest bidder for several million dollars.
Pax’s granddad Chien told Britain’s News of the World newspaper at the time: “Our daughter is a heroin addict and her life has been ruled by drugs. When she finds out a rich movie star has adopted her baby, she will go after her for money and make trouble. She may even try to take the child back.”
Chien added: “We never visited Pax because we were scared we would fall in love with him and I knew we couldn’t afford to keep him.
“Dung was at our house when we heard a wealthy American wanted to adopt Pax. She showed no emotion. Then she disappeared – she was still hooked on drugs. We signed the adoption papers and said we didn’t know where our daughter was.”
Dung’s sister Trang believes she is desperate to see Pax again.
She insisted: “My sister thinks about her baby a lot. If she could, she would try to get her son back.”
Angelina arrived with Maddox to pick Pax up once the $10,000 adoption had been given the go-ahead but interestingly, this time, Brad didn’t go as well. It’s a bit like a father being present for his first child’s birth and then working for the second but the boy was hardly excited at the prospect of leaving his friends at the place he had only ever known as home and the carers he saw as his family. About two dozen children in traditional ao dai formal garb greeted them and offered flowers at the orphanage. Jolie left carrying the boy to a waiting van and if being thrust into an alien environment where no-one spoke his native language wasn’t disorientating enough, he was stripped of his birth name and renamed Pax Thien, meaning ‘Peaceful sky’. ”He is in good health,” orphanage director Nguyen Van Trung told the Associated Press, adding that the boy got along with the other children and likes playing soccer. “He is a little bit shy.”
Trung also said Jolie’s adoption was swiftly processed because the boy is older and his files were already nearly complete.
Trung recounted what it was like to say goodbye to the 3-year-old boy he used to call Pham Quang Sang. “He cried so hard that I wanted to scold him. But Jolie stopped me,” Trung admitted. “She patiently soothed him for almost 20 minutes.”
He also revealed that the child suffered from health problems as a baby, although they later disappeared. “When he was born, he had some liver problem. But 15 months after birth, there was no sign of it,” he said. “Pax Thien Jolie is totally healthy now.”
The boy started crying when his new mom knelt down to talk to him. Jolie told reporters at the time: “Photographs and press coverage will make him upset. I’m very worried about that. I would like to say I’m sorry for bringing this into Pax’s life.
But days after picking up Pax, Jolie staged photos of herself, Zahara, Maddox and Pax although interestingly not Brad and sold them to U.K.’s Hello! magazine and People magazine and then shortly after she returned to work on the movie Wanted- despite vowing to become a stay-at-home mom.
And in answer to those who questioned the adoption, Jolie said defiantly: ”Everyone would agree that children need to have a family. I have the ability to help children fulfill that desire. Why should I say no?”
Back in LA, Pax slowly settled into his new home with the help of a Vietnamese nanny, despite resentment at his arrival from elder brother Maddox who was quite happy without an Asian playmate being thrust on him.

The two boys do not get on at all and the nannies keep them as separate as possible.
Back home in Vietnam, out of 500 orphans in the Tam Binh orphange, 100 are HIV positive. In the last five years just two have been adopted.
“In a world of sadness, they are the saddest,” says one of the nurses. Vietnam has recently tightened up its adoption procedures, introducing protocols with 13 countries which increases safeguards for the orphans but has slowed the process. Now around 500 children are adopted each year – most of them going abroad. This is because it costs up to US$10,000 to adopt a Vietnamese child and takes between six months and a year to complete the process.
It’s a shame that Angelina and Brad don’t talk about the sad plight of these kids at the orphanage where Pax spent the first three years of his life. And, it would be nice to give the children the option of getting to know their birth family as well as sending them money.

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